Change my password every 99999 seconds?

After buying a new router in the office. We have set up the router with settings given by our service provider. For the wireless we have a WPA2 mixed security mode. We have a shared key which everyone has used but the key will renew. It has to renew every '1 - 99999 seconds' We don't mind changing the password every so often but every day? There must be away around this. You can't enter 0 and you can't leave it blank. Any ideas?
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  1. what type of router?

    are you using WAP2 Enterprise?
  2. Linksys Wireless-N ADSL2+

    No WAP2 Mixed. There is option for enterprise but it also has a 'Key Renewal' box that must be filled in.
  3. Yes!
  4. I looked at the manual and could not find anything about a Key Renewal option.,0.pdf
  5. For the sake of anyone having similar problem, I spoke to linksys in the end and the key renewal is changing the code that someone would see if they attempted to 'hack' the network. The ACTUAL code stays the same. The reason mine had changed was because i had touched the WIFI protected setup button. It 'works' and is not changing the key every 99999 seconds as feared. I put 'works' in quotes as the annoying box keeps disconnecting but that most likely due to being in Jakarta, nothing works!
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