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Ok so my friend lives next door to me and he gives me access to his wifi. My PC does not have a wireless card installed so what I did is I bought a tp-link USB wifi to access his router and it works perfect. I bought a belkin n300 router and I am trying to put the internet I get from his house to my router using ICS. It works but why is it that it gives me lower speeds than in my pc. on my PC gets like 15mbps as to from my laptop or phone I get like 7mbps from the router and that's it
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  1. ICS relaying is most likely cutting the speed in half.

    what is the model number of the router?
  2. The model is belkin n300
  3. the model number should start with F5, F7, or E9
  4. F9K1002
  5. I was hopping this router can use a 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT but it cannot due to the chipset it is using.

    also I did not find an option to configure it as a repeater which would have eliminated the use of ICS
  6. So what can I do or what
  7. you are stuck with the setup you have now
  8. but what equipment do i need to be able to do this at full speed that my pc is getting. any help?
  9. I would have opted for a router that can be used as a repeater/extender or one that can use DD-WRT like:

    ASUS RT-N12 (can use DD-WRT)
    Netgear WNR3500 (can use DD-WRT) or WNDR3700 (can use DD-WRT)

    The DD-WRT Repeater Bridge solution will wirelessly connect to your friend and allow you to connect to your router wired or wireless.

    Netgear WN2000RPT (build-in repeater/extender mode)
  10. Ok so lets say I buy the NetGear wn2000rpt. I am currently connecting to my friends interent through a tp-link USB wifi adapter since my desktop does not have a wireless card installed. Would I just connect the wn2000rpt using ICS or what would I have to do. Thank yoi
  11. you set up the Netgear to wirelessly connect to your friend's router, and then connect you computers to the Netgear
  12. But will the nrtgear reach to my neigbors connection. The tp link that I have now connects great I just have toplace it in a certain spot to get full connection
  13. place the Netgear in one of those spots, where you get signal with your TP, and should connect, then you can should be able to get the wireless signal in most places in your house.

    if I remember it right, you should be able to connect to the Netgear wired and wireless
  14. So emerald do u recommend this router?
  15. the wn2000rpt is only an Extender and not a Router.

    I have used this device in two different applications and did work for me well for the last almost two years
  16. So I just connect it to my friebds router wireless and that's it. I don't have to have it hooked up to my computer right or just the first time to connect?
  17. your laptop should be able to connect to it wirelessly and your desktop via ethernet cable
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