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I recently built my first computer and all was going well until i went to install Windows 7. I get to the custom install and i only have one hard drive but that hard drive to install it on is OEM reserved and when i try to format it i get an error message i believe 0x8007005 something (forgot the number after 5 but it is either a 8 or a 6 or 2 sorry). I do not have a disc to install the drivers which the guy from microsoft said i should have but i do have a motherboard driver disc. I don't know what delete does and have not tried it, but i would like some help and appriciate any i can get.
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  1. You shouldn't need drivers for a hard drive, maybe the SATA controller. But I doubt even that, depending on how new the build is (i.e. X79 chipset).

    Sounds like a bad hard drive. Return it for another.
  2. Ok definitely going to do that tomorrow thanks
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