0% GPU activity Borderlands 2, HD 7950

Hey guys, I a Sapphire HD 7950 OC boost...
overclocked to 1.1Ghz

Works well on ALL my games, except in Borderlands 2,
everytime theres Physx around a certain map my GPU activity would go down to 0%, frame rates 20 fps, i have MSI on screen display HUD, then when i minimize my game my gadget would indicate a 0% activity too...

I have Physx drivers installed thus i see Phsyx using AMD gpu...
Is this minor problem just in Physx and AMD in Borderlands 2?
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  1. there is a 13.2 beta driver that fixes some borderlands 2 problems. Physx does NOT use the AMD GPU. If you have an AMD card then physx runs on the CPU. turn physx of or on low to get better performance, particularly if you have a cpu that is not at least a high end intel quad core or amd 8 core.
  2. You should not be trying to run physx on an AMD gpu. Period. Problem solved
  3. So the only thing i can make out in this, is that when theres Physx present in the map,
    my GPU takes a rest and my CPU and Intel HD 3000 is doing the work?

    I have a i5-2320 OC 3.7 Ghz
  4. Probably the GPU is sitting and waiting while the CPU is struggling to process the physx. I suggest turning it off although a more power CPU or a bit more OC might help alittle.
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