Can't get Gigabyte 7950 to display!

Hi guys!
As a long time lurker I finally came across a problem I cant resolve! So made an account! :)

CPU: i5 @ 3.1ghz
PSU: 600w Corsair CX600
Motherboard: Foxconn H67MP-V
GFX: Gigabyte 7950 WF

The issue is I cannot for the life of me get the 7950 to display anything! I have tried both my PCI-e slots and none seem to be able to display anything on my monitor! I have also tested it through the HDMI and the VGA and nothing seems to work! The GFX fans spin up fine too...
When I switch back to my other card (Sapphire 1GB 6670) it displays perfectly...
I have also put the GFX in my friends Motherboard and he managed to get a display which is confusing the hell out of me...
I have tried reseating the GFX to no avail... updating my BIOS... Is it possible that the 7950 is not compatible with my motherboard?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. your motherbored support the 7950 will it should work am confused 2 how about try your psu and the video card on your friend's pc and tell us the results
  2. Do you have onboard speaker connected and do you hear beeps of any kind when you start PC with 7950? Also i would clear CMOS and then tried.
  3. I would suggest try a bigger wattage power supply, my boy had similar problem till we up'd the wattage, then it booted up fine. he was around 600watt, went to 750w and all was good.
  4. As far as I know, the GFX seems compatible for the motherboard going by the specs list I have posted above.
    When I tested the GFX on my friends motherboard who runs a 520w PSU, it managed to get a display going pass the BIOS but then leads to a blinking line on the top left of a black background where we could not proceed any further.
  5. Alright so here are some tests I have done...
    The card works perfectly on my friends computer and boots up fine and shows up on the dxdiag...
    He is running a i3 @ 2.1k with a 520watt PSU

    My specs are above and I can't figure out what is going on... Unfortunately, I dont have a beep on my PC so is there any other way I can test that it is booting up ok?
  6. I suppose you've disabled the onboard graphics of your motherboard.
    you can try to use driver sweeper to clean previous driver...
  7. Today PC with same problem came tu my shop. GTX 480 was involved and did not work. Neither my PCI E test card worked. So did basics (disconnect 24pin and reconnect, remove one stick of ram), turned it on and voila... it worked. Good thing is that i have always spare speaker to connect onboard. In this particular case no beeps were involved when video card inserted. So it means that comunication between controllers is not established. It means that something on board is stuck. Since you narrowed it to GPU it is probable that your problem is same.
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