What's the best nvidia or radeon card for my resolution???

My screen resolution (1366x768). What is the best card for it ??? My options are GTX 650 , 7770 HD ( I want something will run games on max or high )........what about 7850 HD is it overkill for my screen resolution?
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  1. Yeah the 7850 is too much fr 1366x768. The 7770 is a better card than the 650, and will probably max anything you can find at that resolution.
  2. I agree with the 7770 being the best choice for that resolution

    I have a 5650m which is prob about 40% as much performance as an 7770 and it can handle 1366x768 at medium 60fps avg in almost all games

  3. go for the 7850 HD. In most games it would be over kill but try to play crysis 3 at that resolution and you will be limited to low maybe medium settings with a 650 or 7770. This game is just an example there are more games that you will have this issue with also.

    you cant say that you wont be buying any new games. even a year from now you will have the same issue with the games that are out today never mind a game that is new that year.
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