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The graphics card I am using is an AMD Radeon HD 6870. I recently moved my computer from one house to another and have been having issues even since. The first thing a noticed was I was playing a game and the screen went black, i could still hear everything in the background, just couldn't see. So I restarted and it worked fine. Today I was on and the screen went white and everything froze, unlike last time where I could hear everything in the background. I restarted the computer but it will no longer boot, it wouldn't beep when I turned it on. The light was on on the motherboard and everything seemed to be running, the computer just wouldn't boot.

So I took everything out and putting it back in and the only thing that seems to get it to boot was to take out the graphics card. Without the graphics card I hear it beep like it booted up, then a few seconds later it beeps two more times, since I don't have the graphics card in I don't know if it's actually on or not. I don't have any other graphics card to swap it with and try. The motherboard I have is the same one that came with my computer, which is a Gateway FX 6000, with an i7 processor. The only other piece haven't replaced is the power supply. Any advice?
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  1. It is possible that you damaged it in transportation. Did you remember to take out the graphics card before you moved the pc?
  2. I did not. I move it all the time with no problem so I didn't really think about taking it out. I'm just curious because I have had to replace my graphics card before but it never kept the computer from booting.
  3. Now even with the graphics card installed it beeps once like its booting up, then beeps twice and nothing happens.
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