Extra power supply for gtx 670 video card


I have an Alienware X51. I just bought the 670 and a 700 watt power supply (internal). I know you have to trick your motherboard so that the 670 can use the more powerful supply.
Any advice?

The power supply in the X51 is connected to the motherboard by a 6 pin cable. i thought just plugging the pci express plug into that spot would work. It didn't.
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  1. Why do you have to trick your motherboard and why did you buy another PSU?
  2. The gtx 670 requires minimum 550 watts. The Alienware x51 psu is 330 watts and was designed for ac adaptor power brick rather than regular changeable internal psu's. The idea being that the video card has its own dedicated power source so it doesn't crash and such from being underpowered.
  3. I closed the circuit on the power supply and that was all it took. For me this issue is solved.
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