Games freezing on me.

Having a problem.
I just got a Sapphire 7970 and my games are freezing on me. (Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 and Assassins Creed 3 (all 3s lol))
The freezing is kinda random and kinda hard to check if the problem is gone since it requires me to play the games for awhile =P.
It could freeze in the middle of the first online match or 5+ matches later. Its completely random.

When it does freeze, the game just sits still and after 10~ sec screen turns black most of the time. Im able to ctrl-alt-delete, then close the game to get out of it and sometimes I see a message near windows clock "Display drivers has stopped responding" or something like that.

I was using 13.2 beta drivers but changed back to 13.1 because I thought that was the problem.
After going back to 13.1 I really thought the problem was gone. No freezes after a few hours of playing BF3. But then AC3 froze, then later that day Crysis 3 froze again.

I formatted my HDD and fresh installed windows before installing my new GPU. I also use ATIs driver uninstaller before changing drivers.

I have no idea what the problem is. Could I just have a bad GPU? Do I need to return it?

Here are my PC specs.
Intel i5-2500k 3.3GHz
Sapphire HD 7970 Dual-X
8Gs RAM (2x4gs) @ 1600. (Dunno the brand. Can check if needed.)
P8P67 Pro B3 Revision 3.0 motherboard.
Neo ECO 620c PSU (620w)

Just remembered something.
When I ordered my GPU the pictures on newegg showed it having 1x8pin & 1x6pin power connectors. That was perfected, exactly what my PSU had.
But when I got the GPU they gave me a newer version with 2x8pin connectors. So I ended up using a cable that came with the GPU that connects 2x molex to a 8pin.

Could this be the problem? Maybe the GPU got getting the power it needs?
Also the 2 molex things im using is from 1 single wire. 1wire that has 2 molex plugs attached to it.
Looks something like this

Sorry, have no idea how these things work. Just thought I should point out as much as possible for the best help =P
Also sorry for the long post. Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: I was told to run this program. FurMark.
This what I got
Don't know if this helps and don't know what it means. But it ran for 15min and thats what I got.
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  1. You might have installed the wrong drivers for your graphics card. Try installing the drivers that come on the CD provided by the graphics card and see if the problem persists. Report back.
  2. Thank you XTMan. I did what you said and removed my drivers with ATI uninstaller, then installed the CD drivers.
    Spent about an hour playing Crysis 3 and no freezes so far. So far looks good but still little to early to be sure.
    Ill have to test more when I get more time.

    I did suffer a decent FPS lose using these CD drivers on Crysis 3.
    Isn't it important to have the latest drivers?

    If I was installing the wrong drivers, then what are the correct ones?
    The drivers I used last time were..
    Step 1: Desktop Graphics
    Step 2: Radeon HD Series
    Step 3: Radeon HD 7xxx Series PCIe
    Step 4: Windows 7 - 64 bit
    Step 5: downloaded/installed - Catalyst Software Suite, 146.5 MB, 13.1, 1/17/2013

    If thats not the correct ones then im completely confused :heink:
  3. you could of installed the drivers incorrectly it happens try again if the FPS is too low in crysis 3 for you
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