For the love of all things holy some 7770 help PLEASE!

Lately my 7770, has been giving me an interesting problem. It has been preforming at idle during every operation. Gaming, watching videos, all that good stuff. It does not , however, stay at idle speeds when on a benchmark now. It doesnt overheat, and its not OC'd. I also found out that it oly runs at PCI-E 2.0/1.1. I have never been able to get it to run on PCI 3.0

Here are my computer specs as well:

CPU: AMD FX-8350
MOBO: Crosshair V formula Z
RAM: 16G G.Skill Snip 1600MHZ
PSU:Thermaltake Tough Power 750
HDD: WD Green 2 TB
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  1. I am confused. Not being idle would be normal during a benchmark.
  2. Yeah, that is the problem. Its only running correctly when on benchmark now. For instance while gameing, the 7770 card is at idle, so in game the core clock is 300 mhz instead of 1095mhz and the mem clock is 150 mhz instead of 1245 mhz
  3. All games? What driver version are you running?
  4. Yeah its all games, im currently running the 13.2 beta but ive tried tons of the older ones to see if its the driver and they all do the same.
  5. He's saying it's stuck at idle during games but not benchmarks...

    How do you know it's at idle? How are you checking? Do you mean it's suck on the 2D clocks? cannot run pcie 3.0 and there aren't any gpus that REALLY need it in an x16 slot anyway. It's supposed to be at 2.0 in your system.
  6. Yeah the 3.0 was my mistake. For some reason i thought my mobo was 3.0. That was me being stupud for some reason haha. I mostly use Gpu-z but i will also use OCCT and the amd catalyst center
  7. If you download asus gpu tweak it has a button you can use to manually disable the 2D clocks. You can also set the 2D clock frequencies. It's not ideal to have to force it, but it's a very.nice utility. Has good graphing, overclocking and integrated gpuz in one package

    Heard reports of media players and flash causing this behavior, since you mention watching videos
  8. I had not heard of those reports, i'll do some reading up on it. I'll try the gpu tweak nd get back to you guys to see let you know
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