GTX650 vs Radeon 7770 vs Radeon 7750 2GB

Hello, first off, these all look very nice, I just wan the best performance (though not over $110)

LIST OF 2GB 7750s I found (the prices on them all dropped on the weekend???)

HIS iCooler:

PowerColor (comes with Farcry 3 :D):


And no it's not a 2GB but a 4GB!!!! PowerColor with (Farcry 3):O (the 1 rating looks iffy) :

LIST OF 7770s!!!!! (1-2GB)

HIS iCooler (GHz Edition):

MSI (GHz Edition) (comes with MSI coupons, and my MOBO is MSI :D):

LIST OF GTX650s!!!!!!

MSI (nVidia coupon for Planetside2):

EVGA SUPERCLOCKED! (nVidia coupon for Planetside2) :

Galaxy (comes with Assasins Creed 3):


MSI(comes with AC3):

So the 7750s are cheap, and come with FC3. Some of the GTX650s are as cheap as the 7750s, and the 7770s are nice (do the 7750s have an advantage with 2GB instead of 1GB?) I also want one that will go nicely with an FX-6300

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  1. go with this


    hd 7770 > gtx 650/hd 7750 ddr5 > hd 7750 ddr3

    you donot need 2gb gpu as 1gb is more than enough
  2. msi hd 7770 have voltages problems that is why his
  3. 7770 is the fastest of those i get that.
  4. So how far behind is the 7750(which has a faster clock speed)? I'd rather pay $80 for an OK than $100 for a gaming beast (and the 7770 also requires a 6-pin connector)
  5. if you want hd 7750 then get this -

    diference between hd 7750 and hd 7770

  6. ASHISH65 said:

    thanks, I guess I'll be getting that 7770, $10 isn't much
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