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Problem 1
I am unable to resolve our routed IPs by ping. I have been told to setup the first public IP to the router and the second to the firewall. We have 4 spare. I can obviously ping internally but externally these IPs aren't being publicised.

Problem 2
I am unable to setup a VPN between satellite site routers and our Watchguard XTM505. The setup is as follows;
Site (Draytek 2830) <---WAN---> HQ (Draytek 2830) <---LAN---> Watchguard firewall.

I don't believe the router is forwarding the requests properly but VPN passthrough is on (tickbox is empty) and I've even tried to forward ports 4500 & 500 which doesn't work either.

Should I setup the router/firewall on a private ip range (eg or is best practice to leave that on a public.

The plan is to network all our depots with VPNs. HQ would handle all VPNs with the watchguard and the other sites will dial-in with Draytek 2830's. I then want to move an Asterix based PBX to HQ and have all sites pickup DNS/DHCP from the PBX over the VPN.

Can you please help as I have a short timeframe and I can't crack this problem.

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. FYI I resolved the VPN problem.

    The VPN had incorrect encryption settings. Was 128bit on the client and 256bit on the Server. VPN is handling test traffic very happily now.

    The routed IP block is next on the list.
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