It's been so long since I've post a message here.... But I'm back with a lot more question in my mind....

With regards to an article written by Shawn Watters, (about the new high speed USB port) He said that only one IRQ is needed for a USB port.... And adding more and more devices on one USB port will reduce its bandwith.....

But my question is, how about with the USB port built-in in most of today's mobos.... Modern mobos have at least 4 USB port..... So, is it using one IRQ port or what???? And also how about the bandwith??? If I use all the supplied (built-in) USB port is it going to to reduce the overall bandwith????


Azrak (M'sia)
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  1. Don't get USB ports confused with USB controllers.

    Each USB controller uses one IRQ, supplies ___ bandwidth, and can have a total of 127 ports attached to it. A motherboard with 4 ports usually only has one controller, just think of the 4 ports as a 4 port USB hub built onto the motherboard.

    Different devices use different ammounts of bandwidth, if you find things are getting too sluggish, you'll need another USB controller (on a PCI card).

    - JW

    If you look in your device manager you'll see the controller listed, together with the root hub. The root hub supplies all the ports on your motherboard.
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