Hoding down the control key

I get the messeage 'holding down the control key' unable to edit what you have typed.
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  1. Can you rephrase your question/problem? You get this message doing what?
  2. Whilst working on office 2010 (word) composing a document. Despite the cap locks being released the the typed words appeared in caps.
  3. Try unplugging and replugging your keyboard, and all the general stuff on the tech-support script (reboot word 2010, reboot computer, etc).

    Should that not work, use another keyboard and see if the same problem happens. One of two things should happen;

    1) Your new keyboard will function normally, showing you that it is a problem with your keyboard and not Word/Windows

    2) Your new keyboard will not function normally, showing you that the problem lies within Word 2010 or Windows. If this happens, restore your Word settings to their default states (http://www.ehow.com/how_7257504_reset-word-its-default-settings.html (I'm not sure how reliable this is)), or restore windows to an earlier time (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/700-system-restore.html).
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