PC killed the Cable Modem

Yes, it's a reference!

Anyway, my PC kills my modem in record time every time, but the cable modem is fine with my PS3.

Within a few minutes of hooking up the PC the connection dies and must be rebooted to work again on anything (even the PS3). During this time the network shows as unidentified and won't even give access to its status page ( PS3 doesn't ever induce this state.

I have tinkered with settings, drivers, and even clean installs. The modem has no settings I can alter. PC is WIN 7 and the modem is an advanced DOSCIS 3.0 Linksys/Cisco. ISP is Comcast.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Apart from the remote possibility of some form of power fault in your networking interface (ethernet adapter), which is unlikely if the motherboard behaves properly in all other respects, I can think of nothing other than a faulty MODEM.

    Is the cable you're using the same as that from the PSP?

  2. Yup, the cable is the same.

    The PC has had networking troubles before (wired and not with various PCI and USB wifi adapters) but we never managed to isolate it to just the PC and not the entire network (different apartments with roommates who controlled the router). It could've all been the PC though.

    Suppose I could take the modem to Fry's for a replacement.
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