Wireless connection dropping few times every day

I have an airlink ar525w wireless router. My wireless connection drops out every few hours and I have to reset my router to get it up again. My wired connections work perfectly. Also, I am able to see my network as available and with full signal strength from windows but connecting to it doesn't do anything (just says connecting forever). This is not isolated to one computer. I have tried it with laptops, desktops and smartphones. The strange thing is that it works perfectly (hasn't dropped a connection for one month) if I have wireless security disabled.

I have tried different types of security (WEP, WPA, WPA2), different channels (all 11 channels), assigning static IP addresses to all my devices and turning off the DHCP server on my router. But none of these settings fix the problem.

Is there anything else I can try?

I would be willing to buy another router, but I was reading through reviews on newegg and every router that I saw reviews for has a few people experiencing the same problem that I described here. Is this a widespread problem that I have to live with or does this have something to do with my router specifically?

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  1. First thing I would do is update the firmware of the router. Then update all the wireless cards drivers. Also if you don't mind messing with linux you can install openwrt to the router..

    "NOTE: Many of these units will stop functioning altogether after operating awhile, with no obvious way to get them working again. This problem is completely irrespective of what firmware they may be running. If you open the router, you will find that the RFI shield on the MiniPCI card is hot to the touch when this happens. Press a chemical cold-pack against that part while it's running. As long as cold remains applied directly to the RFI shield, the unit will operate as intended, indefinitely." from openwrt wiki

    So it could just be router itself.
  2. I updated the firmware a while ago and it looks like a newer version has not been released yet (and perhaps never will be released).

    I only have one device where I can perform a driver update and I have done that but still no difference. I can't do driver updates on the phones and tv which I also have connected to the router.

    I did notice the router getting hot but I don't know if that explains this problem because it stays on indefinitely with out security.

    Anyway, I will try the openwrt firmware and see if that works.
  3. If the router uses an external antenna try changing it. I had the same issue with my usb wifi card not been able to connect. Once I changed the antenna it worked again.
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