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What is the optimal way to set up a two router system - one wired and one wireless. I like to turn off my wireless router at night when I sleep but still maintain my wired system for my phone. Could buy new equipment but would like to use as much of what I have. I have a Motorola modem, Medialink -n wireless and a Linksys wired router. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
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  1. What models are the routers? Most routers have a schedule ability that turns wireless off except for scheduled times, far easier than manually turning on and off routers. Your best bet is to use one router that allows wireless scheduling, which most do now.
  2. Thanks. I didn't know that. I have only the wireless one running right now and I turn it off at night but want to improve upon that by what I think would be better - that is w/ wired + wireless together. My wired is a Linkskey LKR-604 and the wireless a Medialink MWN-WAPR150N. This still does not solve the problem of having a wired router running all of the time. Unless I don't understand. Any ideas? Is there such a thing as a cable modem with two ports for each of the routers? Thanks for any help.
  3. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, blocking users or saving a bit of energy? Your Linkskey router seems redundant as the Medialink has a built in 4 port switch, unless you need the extra few ports.

    Your Medialink router does allow automatic scheduling, only allowing Internet access during specific hours. I thought that you needed the wired router on for your phones? If not, just use the Medialink for all wired and wireless and use the Connect on Fixed Time function to allow Internet access during a specific time period. The Linkskey also have scheduled client filtering to block any specific connection during any time period. Consult your manuals for details.
  4. I want the ability to keep my wired system on (all the time) while I can turn my wireless broadcast off at night - because it disturbs my sleep. (The cable modem and router are in my bedroom.) Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Got it. While the Medialink does allow several ways to block Internet access, I don't think it will allow for a schedule to turn on and off the wireless to shut down the blue light show.

    With my DLink routers in my office that have many bright blue lights, I ended up taping over them with several layers of black electrical tape. The alternative would be to put the power plug for the Medialink on an electrical timer so that you don't have to turn the wireless on and off by entering the router configuration or by manually unplugging.
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