Two Graphics Cards at once?

Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my Currant Radeon HD 5450 2GB to a HD 6570 2GB, I was thinking about using both of the cards at the same time, I have the PCI-e slots for it and I was wondering if the two cards world work together? If not I am happy to use the HD 6570 on it's own. Also is there anything you can do to make them work together better?
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  1. NO im afraid.
  2. No. Those two will not work together. The only way to run two cards is to have them close to the same level of power from the same series. Also the 6570 is MASSIVELY underpowered. What is your budget so we can suggest a better option?
  3. I've got about £70 at a push, I would rather spend around £60, budget gaming ftw =P
  4. SamGriffiths said:

    well it all depends what you compare it to, still a lot faster than a 6570... and your budget is quite tight :( anything faster is going to cost more
    (Feb 13th 2013, NVIDIA: 310.70 WHQL, ATI: Catalyst 13.1 WHQL)
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