Why will my apps not open on my laptop

I have a new dell inspiron laptop and today all of the apps on the metro screen refused to open except desktop. I have installed a few apps myself but now none of them are working. I have done a system scan which has reported no faults and no fault messages are popping up. I have tried rebooting but this as no effect. the os is windows 8,
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  1. Generally Metro apps need internet access, and they won't open unless they get it. For example, I cannot open the Windows Store unless I temporarily disable my firewall. I could correct it in VIPRE so that I don't have to disable the whole firewall, but laziness has thus far prevented that :)

    Start with the same idea... disable the firewall (third party firewalls, and the built in Windows Firewall if it isn't already turned off) and see what happens.
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