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How to download wireless network adapter driver vista without internet

My old HP Pavillion worked fine with the Comcast wireless router, but won't work with my new Qwest Q1000Z (top of the line) router. We tried to manually switch everything over with the Century Link people, but they say it must be a program problem with laptop. Any suggestions?dennisodoyle[at]
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    1. Disconnect internet
    2. Boot into safe mode(f8) with networking
    3. Use a RJ45 cable to connect to router
    4. Log into router and disable encryption & make sure either A,B,G speed is set not N
    5. Try to connect to router with wifi(if you are able to connect then the problem might be that your wifi card doesn't support latest encryption WPA2 or N speed)
    6. Enable encryption WEP,WPA,or WPA2 if the card supports it and supported speed

  2. I'm guessing that the new router has a higher security level than the wireless adapter in the laptop is capable of recognising - probably WPA2. The only two ways round is to lower that level to WPA (not WEP - too weak) or to add a USB wireless dingle into the mix. The modern adapters can handle WPA2.

    Have a look at the Sticky Post on finding and changing the wireless security and see if your router is configurable.

  3. These suggestions are wonderful! Unfortunately, you are talking to a guy who is capable of turning the darn thing on and little else. I don't even know where to go to disable my encryption whachamacalit or find a wireless dingle (there's a very funny joke in the mix here, but I may be in mixed company), so I'm up the creek, metaphorically speaking.
  4. No it just means you have to take it slow.And go on youtube to check out some how to videos
  5. Strange. That's what my son said.
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