Double or Single Bank?

How do I figure out if the ram I have is double or single bank... This kind of information would help me figure out if the ram I bought was compatible with my tyan 760mpx board or not...



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  1. I do not know how to tell double or single bank.

    According to Crucial your motherboard uses 184 pin DIMM DDR PC2100 SDRAM and supports all types of modules (registered, unbuffered and registered-ECC modules).

    Most memory is unbuffered. ECC memory performs error checks and registered memory uses a register which adds latency, but electrically isolates the circuit. ECC has to be registered, but not all registered memory is ECC.

    According to crucial unbuffered memory will only work in two of you three DIMM slots.

    "The Tiger MPX supports non-registered DDR SDRAM in the first 2 memory sockets only (DIMM1 and DIMM2, as labeled on the motherboard). Registered DIMMs are supported in all sockets. "

    Hope this helps.
  2. Usually, double-sided is dual bank and single-sided is single bank. Most mobos report the filled banks when you boot. To verify check to see if you see something like: "0, 1" which indicates a single stick of dual bank ram or "0, 2, 3" which indicates one single bank stick in the first slot and one double bank stick in the second slot.

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  3. I did some checking and it looks like the number or banks only matters in systems using SIMMs. All types of DIMMs (single sidded vs double sidded, 1 bank,2 bank, 4 bank) should work in all motherboards.

    It used to be that more banks ment more interleaving resulting in higher performance, but now interleaving is done with memory "pages" instead of banks and all types of memory perform equally well.
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