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Does anyone have this printer? Can u give ur personal review? I was considering to buy HP PSC2110, but when I am worried about the ink cost. Can anyone comment on the photo printing result comapared to photoRet IV? Btw, I am using it at home, i need a good quality of photo printing.

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  1. Not familiar at all with that Canon model so I can't tell you how it compares. Toms did do a comparison of mutifunctions a while back:

    In that article the cost of printing between the HP models and the Canon models in that test was insignificant. One cannon model cost 1/2 penny more for color print and one a penny less. Cannon cartridges cost less but also contain less ink. Some Canon models also use seperate print heads and ink tanks. This can lead to some print quality issues over time.

    The PSC 2170 line is replacing the PSC 2110 in most stores and is basically the same machine with card slots. If your into photos, that might be better. I have a PSC 2210 and it prints and scans very well. Again, its the same machine but with fax capability and card slots.

    The HP will print in high DPI but can also print using PhotoREt. PhotoREt allows photoquality images at a lower dpi. HP has a pretty decent dopcument explaining PhotoREt.

    Hope that helps some.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, and for the link. Just wondering, u said that the 2110 and 2210 are basically the same machine, but 2210 with fax, and card slots. But y did toms recommend 2210 for good quality of scan and prints, while the 2110 suffered from bad quality of scan?

    Oh yeah, one more q. It is regarding the separate print head and ink tanks, is it the reason y the hp ink costs more than canon ink?

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  3. Your questionmade me wonder so I went digging through the HP web site for a possible answer. It appears that while the printing portion is the same. The PSC 2175 and 2210 have a 1200 x 2400 dpi optical scanner while the PSC 2110 is only a 600 by 1200 optical scanner. The printing portion is the same.

    I suppose having seperate tanks and printheads is part of the price difference. The bigger difference is the amount of ink in them. Last I knew Canon cartridges didn't have much ink in them. Printheads eventually get clogged or have other problems (ink is corrosive) that require them to be replaced. This is usually after a fair amount of time but they aren't cheap. Like I mentioned before I don't know if that model Canon uses seperate print heads and tanks.

    Whats more important than cost of the cartridge is the cost-per-page. Pay more attention to this spec than the price of the cartridge because some manufacturers put more ink in than others. Cannons black is a little less expensive but you indicate that you want pictures. Unless your printing a heck of a lot, you aren't going to go through that much ink. I print several hundred pages a month and it takes me several months before I have to buy a cartridge.

    Buying a printer is often a matter of personal preference. While some printers will print noticably better than others, the differences are often hard to see unless the printer doesn't reproduce colors quite right. I tend to look at service and reliability as well. One other thing to think of with inkjets is fade. If your printing pictures you don't want them to fade. PC World had a good article about it:,aid,105461,00.asp
  4. Hi,

    is there by any chance u can quote a number for the canon print head lifetime?

    Thank you very much for ur replies, helped me alot. :D


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