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Hey Everyone:
Just got my brand spanking new Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. Unforunately, having problems with it. I downloaded the newest drivers from Turtle Beach Support website. Install just like the installation instructions. Around 40% installing the software my computer will freeze. ctrl+alt+del to end program then another Ctrl+alt+del to restart. The drivers will pick up and install. Then if I go to restart or shutdown, and then open internet explorer, my sounds emits a high frequency pitch for all windows default sounds. I can go to control panel then sounds-all windows default sounds come the high pitch that sends my dog away. Music, movies play fine though. Annoying when I surf web because new website, instead of the click I get high pitch sound. Thanks you all for your help.
Intel P4 2.0A GZ
Maxtor 80gb 740XL
Nvidia Geforce2 64mb DDR
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
NEC 5800 DVD drive
Win XP Home Edition

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  1. Hmm, you have the weirdest setup ever! A 2GHz P4 with 128MB RAM? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Back on topic, you may have a bad card.

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  2. It may be a bad card, but it's definitely worth trying another driver version. The newest one isn't always the best one.

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  3. yes that is odd, 128 mb...thats very low.... I think you could use atleast 256mb, or 512

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  4. so here i am sitting in the quiet computer lab at work and when i saw the 128mb of system memory i just completely burst out laughing... haha sorry no offense...
  5. Only have 128 MB of RAM will definitely slow down your computer a lot.
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