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Geforce 3 with 128ddr, what do you think?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 14, 2002 12:45:34 AM

I have recently discovered somthing strange when crusing, a msi gefroce 3 ti-200(bah!) card with 128mb of ddr ram! you see my hercules geforce 2 ti died last night so im searching for a bargain deal here. what do you guys think of this 128mb geforce 3?

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April 15, 2002 10:18:23 PM

How much is it? Compare it to the GeForce4 Ti 4200 in price. If it's close, I'd go for the Ti 4200 since it pretty much smokes the Radeon 8500, whereas the Radeon compares favorably with the GF3. Pricewatch has a Ti 4200 listed for $185.

<i>Money talks. Mine always likes to say "goodbye." :smile: </i>
April 15, 2002 10:56:31 PM

it is 135, and that g4 4200 will not be in stock till the end of this month and i need this pronto, another question that boggles my mind is that there are two msi geforce 3 ti200 that have 128mb ddr, and one has a dvi,analog and tv out.the other has a tv in,tv out, and a analog connector. my monitor uses analog and just in case i upgrade my monitor i would like to have the dvi but the card with the tv in instead of dvi is red. the dvi one is green :(  so im trying to make up my mind, should i be responsible and go for the green one that has dvi, or should i freak out and buy the prety red one with tv in? hmmm maybe with that tv-in i could record tv shows? i need more south park and family guy episodes bah! i hate tough choices. then again the radeon 850 with 64mb is about 10 bucks cheaper and im sure it wouldout preform the geforce 3 ti200, the only thing is the ram and i want to be able to do unreasonable resolutions at 4xfsaa and i love all of my nvdia cards, mostly hercules though. speaking of which when are those morons going to start making nvdia cards again instead of ati? if ever.

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