help me buy a case !!

Hi there !!

Can u guys help my buy a case. I'm not going to do any overclocking and is really just looking for a computer that makes minimum noise...

Thinking about buying a Lian Li PC-60 but maybe it is overkill to buy a aluminium case if I'm not going to overclock ...??

What about Noise that what I should choose if I want minimum noise or is Lian Li just as good ?

Any other suggestions ??
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  1. I have Lian-Li PC68. It is a great case. It is very easy to work with and looks great. There is a fan speed control allow you to adjust fan speed to lower the noise.
  2. Antec SX1040 400W Black, it got space for 4 case fans (2front, 2rear, all 80mm, great air flow).
    I was debating over that and the Nikao Noblesse, got the Noblesse but had to cut holes for real case fans on the side because the two it got up front was a joke (barely any space to take air in up front. They had a good idea, just didn't think it through enough when designed it).

    If you don't mind some cutting then the Noblesse is one hell of a pretty case, I like mine a lot.

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  3. I would get a Lian Li, but i think there a bit to much for a computer case!.... Maybe if i save up, i will buy the PC-60 or the PC-68.... On, there are tons of lian li cases, but when i click to see them, they all look alike, what gives ??

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  4. You can check out the They sell the Lian-Li case at a better price. I have good experience with them.
  5. I bought my Lian-Li pc 68 case from mpcparts last year. It is nice to have a case
    that will last through years of upgrades.

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  6. Antec SX1040

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  7. Hi this is just my 2 cents worth, but i just bought a case from coolerguys, it is the black chenming 601, it came with 2 rear fans, a sidewindow with 2 fans, a front fan for 129.00. and they said they give you a special on a powersupply if u buy a case , ao i got a enermax 350w with two fans for 60.00. i had always heard that their shipping was outragous but it shipped from wa to me in nc for 26.00 i got it in 4 days so i dont think it was bad. it lowered my 1800+ temps from 43c to 34c.

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  8. dammm thats a good ass deal!

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  9. Some of the best cases for reduced noise are the Palo Alto cases as seen on many Dell and Micron PC's and some HP Kyacks. These cases use thick plastic with a this steel liner and steel chassis. Such computers can be made nearly silent. Very high quality and durable. Palo Alto also produces the same cases with "generic" faceplates, which is what you can buy new, or you can get Palo Alto cases from outdated OEM systems.

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  10. I'm thinkin about building a new computer (for the first time) and I'm not sure what the advantage is to have removable case racks. And besides drive bays, air flow, and material, what other considerations are there when buying a case? Also, why do I need bays for the hard drives? why can't I just set the hard drives somewhere on the floor of the case. And if I can't do that, then how do I add more space for harddrives?
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  11. Check out these cases:

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