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Please guide me do a screen snapping to assist me show someone the process of performing a task on windows 7
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  1. please give us a question that we can answer. There are literally millions of tasks that can be done on a computer, and if we do not know what task you want to do then there is no way we can know what will help you.
  2. two easy ways
    screen shots done easy
    click start type snip (in the top left click on snipping tool high light the area you want to copy and paste the picture you just captured in the email word doc ect)
    click start and type "record steps to reproduce a problem" click on record steps to reproduce a problem and it will open
    now that will record every thing you do from when you start the recording to when you stop it and will give you a detailed report with screen shots.
    even though you dont have a problem it will do exactly what youre looking for
    easily show the process of perfoming a task in win 7
  3. or were you talking about the snap feature in win 7 that would just be
    press the windows key and the arrow key (up left right down) to move windows on what side of the monitor you like.
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