I have a real problem. Our home burned and we lost everything. I salvaged my cumputer slightly melted. Just for kicks I plugged it in and it is partally working. My Creatacard still has all my cards and pictures. My USB ports are fried so I cannot print anything. I have a back up disc but my Creatacard original disc is gone so I can't get it on my new computer. This was one of the first Creatacards made. I'm 73 and really would like to have that info. What canI do??? Please do not post your @mail (that way u are helping to spread the spam), u will be automatically notified in your email when someone post a fresh line in your thread.

Thanx : )
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  1. First off I would strongly refrain from posting personal info anywhere on the internet.

    Secondly I would remove the Hard Drive and plug it into your new computer. Just because we dont know the condition of the system I would recommend getting your HDD out. Or you could email it to yourself if you computer still has that ability.

    This gets the point across.
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