How to connect USB drive to DLINK N extreem router

I would like to connect a hard drive that has USB enclosure to an wireless N dlink extreem router so that I can access files wirelessly on my laptop. I installed SharePort utility on my pc and it is showing drive in the utility connected but can not see it in explore like the way I see when drive is connected directly to LAPTOP using USB port. I also tried to map the drive but nothing works. What am I missing ? anything on WIN 7 side ? I tried the same with a USB jump drive but same thing. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Thanks but not working. Do I need NAS type drive or something as a file server.
    I tried to map a network drive as \\dlinkrouter\MYUSBDRIVE and it says some firewall issues at port 445 at router level and nothing wrong with firewall setting on WIN 7 side.
  2. can I connect any usb drive or I need a network drive like WD 1TB ntwork drive ?
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