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Would most games from the past 4 years play on Win 7? More specifically, is it worth getting Win x Pro to run XP mode to run those games?

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  1. Hello,

    Yes most games from the past 4 years should run in windows 7. If you would like you could get yourself Windows 7 Professional which you can download Windows XP mode and run games/programs inside of "Windows XP" mode.
  2. You certainly can do that but I don't know of anyone who has had an issue with games of that vintage running on Win 7.
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    XP Mode is NOT made for 3D gaming whatsoever; even games with little graphic requirements like D2X / WC3 run like CRAP in XP Mode.

    If you find a game that won't work using compatibility mode (properties of the executable) to force XP/Vista/etc... then you're better off dual-booting than using XP Mode.
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