Nividia nforce 10/100 mbps ethernet card

it keeps saying the connection between the modem and the computer is broken. I've installed a new ethernet cable. it works then it drops. we have hughes net here. the techs have been out and cannot isolate the problem.
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  1. Is the computer saying the connection is dropping? Or are the link lights on the LAN adapter actually going out with the cable still connected?
  2. It sounds like it may be an intermittent problem in the Ethernet adapter -- is it integrated into the board? I would try a cheap PCI or PCIe NIC depending on what your board takes.

    Unlikely, but it could be the adapter driver -- try updating it with the latest version available by an uninstall/reinstall.
  3. If you are using the nvidia network shield, active armor or whatever their software is called, uninstall it. Don't confuse this with the LAN drivers, as it's a seperate utility. This has caused problems in the past.
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