Serious connection issue!

Hello, I've been having this really serious connection issue for awhile now. A week ago, my internet suddenly stopped working. I can sometimes get out on the web, and sometimes download stuff at my max speed which is 1mb/sec but at least 80% of the time my internet just disconnects and stays that way for hours.

I'm using a router which is plugged into the wall through a city network. All my three computers, 1 "real" (sorry, not an english speaker) and 2 laptops. The "real" one is plugged with a wire to the router the other two are wireless and all have the same problem.

I can barely get any work done and the city network providers and internet providers (tele2) say there is nothing wrong on the "line".

This just happened over night and everything has been working fine for the last year.

I've tried everything I know of, change wires, plug the computer directly into the wall (network), restart router. Check firewalls. But nothing is changing and what's weird is it affects all three computers in my house at the same time.

So, I know it might not have been a very good explaination but I'm not a native englishspeaker and an amateur with computers in general.

But I really really hope someone knows an answer to this. Thanks a million guys for taking the time to read this!
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  1. Test the network speed and latency with and -- really sounds like an ISP problem to me.

    You can also run a trace route by typing tracert <a well known big internet site like> in the command prompt window, which will give you an idea where the problem lies.
  2. Thanks for the tip, even though I don't really know what and "ISP" problem means hehe. :)

    I tried to get into and all that but the site only loaded halfway before the connection got messed up and couldn't even get it to open properly later either.

    Currently bought a mobile usb network to be able to still connect somewhat at home. But this is slowly killing me and tele2 isn't excatly helping. Took them a week to get back to me and inform me of some ping test I should do on the like command promt or what ever you call it. Turns it it was the wrong ping test and it didn't work. Now they said they'd hear back to me within a day but haven't heard anything for three days. So keep getting even further away from a working connection. :(
  3. When you've tried everything else it is often an internet service provider (ISP) problem, but they tend to deny that it could be them until they are finally forced to fix it and in my experience some never do admit it (although the tech support guys they send out will tell me off the record that the problem is at their end).

    Most of the first level service people you talk to are just working from a script page and really know nothing about the service.
  4. Thanks! I guess I will just keep bothering the provider and eventually they will have to send someone out to fix it.

    Thanks a bunch! :)
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