Problems with InCD software (nero)

I'm having problems with Nero's data disk software in Windows 2000. The drive is a "Digital Research" branded LITE-ON LTR 24102B. I've updated to the latest Nero and InCD drivers from Nero's site. I haven't tried any of the Nero software, only InCD for backing up data.

InCD works to format and write to a disk, but after I eject the disk, it usually locks up the system. (Even when it doesn't lock up, it appears to go into LALA land for quite a while.) The mouse moves, but nothing in screen is active. Taskmanager is accessible via ctl-alt-del, and everything looks OK, but the screen won't update except each time I start taskmanager. When I try to shutdown from taskmanager, it hangs on explore.exe and eventually says it's not responding. When I click "end task", it locks again, and only a hard reset reboots it.

Before I upgraded the InCD software, it was even worse, doing a spontaneous reboot if I selected the drive in win-explorer or selected "properties" from the InCD icon in the system tray.

1. Is InCD flaky or is there something I can do?

The system is an Abit TH7-II raid w/ 1.8 Northwood. Until this problem, I was beginning to think I had a very stable system...


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  1. I am using the InCD version that came with my Yamaha 3200 and it works fine.
    The version that came with my Nero 5.5 retail never did work well. I believe
    Nero provided a custom version for Yamaha.

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  2. I take it your master/slave set-up is all fine and dandy?

    Perhaps the PSU?

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  3. The CD-RW is on a separate channel, either master or cable select. I'll play with that and DMA setting.

    There is also some kind of "WDA plug-in" or something. It did not offer to install it as part of the standard install, but maybe it is needed for Win2000??? I'll give it a try.

    I haven't yet done a thorough, trial and error test removing all that background processes that I have running both intentionally and not.

    Was hoping for a quick and easy fix :wink: .


    Problem fixed: Removed a superfluous VPN nic driver that I'd installed and never configured since I wasn't using it. It had not previously caused a problem even though it showed up with the "red X" in device manager.

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