My wireless adapter is acting weird.

I've recently build a desktop along with a TP-LINK TL-WN951N PCI wireless adapter.

The signal is good and stable though sometimes it does get a little bit slow but it's not the biggy.

The problem i am facing now is that sometimes when i turn on the computer, i couldn't search for any wireless option and the card simply is just not connected.The PC just can't read that there is a wireless adapter. i will need to unplug the card from PCI slot and turn off the computer to make it work. ( sometimes it takes several time to make it work )

Does anyone know what the problem is? because it really bothers me to unplug a PCI wireless adapter, and i think it shouldn't be doing like this.

Thanks for helping.
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  1. Did you install the card driver or are you using the Windows generic driver? New build, so I assume Windows 7? 64 bit?

    You should never have to remove a PCI wireless card to get your computer to work. Could just be a bad adapter card?
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