My wireless internet doesnt connect to the internet


On my laptop, the wireless will show, "currently connected to my router", yet it says below, "there is no internet connection"...I have already replaced my router and modem recently..still no change...I'll reset the router and i'll have internet access for 30 minutes and it will log me off...what is the problem??
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  1. In this case, I'd call your internet provider so they can access the gear in your house from their end and have you connect to your gear and make sure the settings match up.
  2. Hi vinny

    Try setting the lease time in your router to a higher value, save the settings, restart your router, then test it out.

    If the above doesn't work out, try to disable the DHCP from your router, and let the dsl handle the dhcp for you.

    Hope this works, for more help, read this:
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