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Which CD-RW to choose between those two?

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April 15, 2002 4:08:37 PM

LG 32X/10X/40X
Sony 24X/10X/40X

Exact same price.

I know nothing about CD-RW. Should I go for the fastest?


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April 15, 2002 6:04:29 PM

The x number is a maximum and is not always properly (never) represented by the manufacture. You need to find reviews that actually test the drives head to head. I am on an anti Sony kick so I say screw Sony. Folks around here seem to like Plextor and Yamaha. I just bought a tdk that some folks on another site reviewed as very good. Tiger Direct has 32x tdk for around $100.00 what prices are you seeing on the LG and Sony?

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April 15, 2002 8:31:25 PM

I would also stay away from sony. The lg is not a bad drive and lite-on is also good budget drives. If you have more money to spend then get a plextor or a yamaha.

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April 15, 2002 9:25:43 PM

Both sucks. If you do not want to spend a lot. Get a Lite-On instead.
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April 15, 2002 9:56:31 PM

Well, yes I'm looking for a descent yet unexpensive burner.

I've never heard of LiteOn before, but here's what I found in the price list I have:

LiteOn 32X/12X/40X

Exact same price as those two above (146$ CAD). So I guess you're all suggesting me to get the LiteOn. Cool :) 

Thanks everyone

April 19, 2002 9:29:22 AM

I'm ordering that exact lite-on drive this weekend. has it for $73 US.
April 19, 2002 11:50:47 AM

$146 CAD is very high. By any chance, do you live in the Greater Toronto Area? If so, you can get an even faster LiteOn 40X/12X/48X from <A HREF="" target="_new">Canada Computers</A> for just a few dollars more.

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