I realize that this is a juvenile question; I hope to get an answer quickly because of that.
the man I was dating connected his laptop to my computer so he could access the Internet. To do this, he needed my router password, he changed it to a password that I do not want him to have anymore. I don't want him to be able to access my desktop/computer anymore. I can not remember how he changed it initially. Will someone help me?
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  1. Look at the router it will have a button you have to press and hold and it will reset everything back to stock. Now you will have to change the default password to what ever you want.

    Find out the ip of the router and type or what ever the router IP might be.. That should log you into the router. Use the default user name and password and find the setting to change the routers password.Also make sure to have either WPA or WPA2 enable as WEP can be broken into as little as 1 minute..

    Also I would reinstall your antivirus and firewall just in case he modified any settings to allow a keylogger or any software that might spy on you.. Trust I seen it
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