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My situation: Wireless Router is the living room, I need internet access in a separate room that I can't feed any wires in and the relevant devices don't have wireless connectivity (Sky TV box and PC).
Will a Wireless Access Point device pick up the wireless signal (to then attach to my 2 devices via ethernet) or will it need to be physically plugged into the router?
If that won't work what are my wireless options?

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    I use an ASUS RT-N12 with DD-WRT firmware configured as a Bridge Repeater.

    it connects wirelessly to the main router, and it will allow the use of the LAN port and Wifi to connect devices.

    there are other routers that can be converted, too.
  2. Will any Repeater work? Sorry, bit limited in my knowledge of these things... is that what they do?
  3. repeaters usually only come with one network port and it sounds like you need more then that
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