Please help, how to find out an IP of a person on IM

Hi guys,
how are you?
Is there a free version of a program that would allow to find out an IP address of a person on an IM (gg, msn messenger and others)? Is there a firewall I could use for this?
what's the best program to try for this?
Thank you so much,
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(btw. I tried this

but it doesn't seem to work...? Have you guys tried this one?
To access image log you need ... file name, folder and password. For file name do I put extension too? and for folder what do i put?...
tried it so many times but no go.
Please help if you can.) Thnx much again.
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  1. Give a packet sniffer like Wireshark a shot, but given the proxy nature of IM's (PC to IM Server to PC) it's unlikely you will see it.
  2. Additionally, why do you need to know someone's IP address?
  3. Thank you,
    It's a safety/security issue, it seems they are pretending to be someone they are not.
  4. Directions for that site:

    Click on Choose File and choose a picture from your computer.
    Type a password of your choice and confirm
    Type in an email address for notification that they have the IP address.
    Click Upload.
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