Pioneer 106S OEM DVD - system won't boot!?!

Hello there,
I've just got my hands on the above DVD drive. Hooked it up at lunch time on IDE2 [sharing with an Aopen CDRW drive].
My problem is, the system won't boot whatsoever when the DVD is hooked up.
Yes I've tried switching between Master/Slave on both drives. I've even removed the CDRW drive completely, leaving just the DVD drive - and nothing.
Any ideas anyone???
Thanks in advance
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  1. well, can I suggest to use that DVD in another computer????
    Then you will be able to tell if the DVD is faulty or not.
    Hope this helps.
    I also have a pioneer 106S and very happy with the quality and performance of it.
  2. yep - will do so. i just thought maybe i'm missing something simple...
  3. Make sure you set detecting of the ide in Auto not cdrom
  4. Are you using an ATA66 cable? The 106S should be set as master and you <b>must</b> use an ATA66 cable if your controller is ATA66 or higher as the drive is spec'ed as UDMA66 (the only one in existance, AFAIK). I had problems with mine when I moved to my ATA100 board and tried to use my old ATA33 cable - problems with detection and boot - especially with another drive on the channel. Good news is: when you get it to work with your CD-RW on the same channel, you can pretty much ignore the warnings your CD writer software (nero in particular) will throw at you about writing on the fly from disk to disk on the same channel - ATA66 makes it so much more efficient at reading and writing that my setup doesn't even use the buffer under-run protection. I don't know all the details of why, but it certainly works. I LOVE my 106S! (and for all of the elementary school kids out there - I'm already married, so I can't...).

    I thought a thought, but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I had thought.
  5. well... apparently this dvd drive doesn't like being on ide1 on my board [gigabyte ga-7vrx]. so, i guess i'll have to have it as a slave off ide0 [with my system hd]. putting my data hd and cdrw on ide1.
    either that or changing the cpu fsb from 133 to 100 [which apparently also works regardless of configuration].
    what a nightmare!
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