Media Server, NAS, Other??

I just wired my house for gigabit ethernet. I'm now trying to figure out how best to setup my network. Currently, I have 3 computers wired in. Mainly used as HTPCs for different rooms around the house; with one main computer for everything else.

I'm wondering how to setup the streaming/file sharing capabilities. I want to have access to stream HD/audio/files from any computer on the network.

Am I looking for a media server, NAS, keep existing setup (and use wake-on-lan if I need to pull content from one computer to the other), or something else?

My only criteria is if I do need a NAS/media server it have gigabit capabilities.

Keeping this as low budget as possible (less than $500).

If I need a media server, can I setup the network to have all the processing be done by the local machines and not the server (since the local machines have better processors).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. QNAP TS-419PII-US, or if throughput is really important to you, Synology DS712+. Alternatively you could get an HP MicroServer and add media server OS of your choice.
  2. Those NAS drives are pretty pricey. Is there any benefit over the media server? Dumb question but does the PC or the server do the processing if I'm streaming a movie?
  3. The lower end one's are either 2 bays, limiting you to 2 drives, or slow. Benefits? Ease of use, space taken up, support.

    Streaming is done by both devices. The Server serves up the file, encodes, and sends, while the PC receives, decodes, and displays.
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