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I bought a new laptop as my XP model had quit on me. Now I have 2 Windows 7 machines. The older one has a Home Group set up on it, but I can't get rid of it. Neither computer can see the other on the network. My network comes from my brother's house across the road with a Linksys router. I have a D-Link signal expander in my house. I can not see any of my brothers computers on the network either. The problem I'd like to solve first is getting rid of the Home Group on my Lenovo lap top. When I go through all the Windows fixes it tells me that the problem is network related, then when it goes through the fixes for that it points to the Peer Name Resolution Protocol or Peer Network Grouping, both of which are shut off. When I try to turn them on, the PNRP gives me an error: 0x80630203: 0x80630203 . When I try to turn on the PNG it says: Error 1068. Can anyone help?
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  1. Are these used Windows 7 computers you got? You may want to re-install Windows 7 on them of they are.

    This is a fix for the 1068 error http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827328
    The other error is related.
  2. Couldn't get rid of the 1068 error, nor get my Home Group to work. Setting things on Auto didn't work either. I wouldn't mind re-installing Windows but it's just too much work right now. I do have the Work group working between the two now and I can share a folder and a printer, which was all I wanted to begin with. Got a new Linksys signal extender to match my brother's Linksys router and things improved a lot. I don't know if the other problems will seep over into something else though.
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