Page Fault Error: blue screen of death

ASUS K7M Athlon 500
13G HardDrive
SB Live 5.1
GeForce2 32MB
Win XP

What happened:
was happily in an IRC chat channel ( using the newest version on mIRC ) and my pc went down. Screen went black and then rebooted itself. Where upon I recieved the message- Stop 0x00000050 (Page Fault Error)

What I tried:
To restart- in Safe mode... got the Blue Screen again.
I can't even get into the operating system to try and disable possible software issues.
The next morning (Today) when I try to turn on the computer, I got a new Error Code... Stop: 0x0000007E; pci.sys - Address F9A3A318 base at F9A3100, Datestamp 3b7d855c.
I get this 'new' error code now when I try to reboot in either normal or safemode.

Please. If you have any thoughts on what the hell is going on, I would appreciate it.
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  1. I'll assume your graphics card is in the AGP, do you have something other than your sound card in a PCI slot? I'd try taking out whatever you have in the pci slots and starting up to begin with, your pc is a little on the older side for XP.

  2. Yes, my video card is in AGP slot. I tried taking out the sound card and rebooting; still got an error. So then I tried reformatting and reinstalling xp w/out the sound card, but I am still getting error messages.

    I am confused. I was running xp on my system just fine for over 2 weeks with multiple reboots. A day or two ago I added the sound card and a printer (epson 785ex). I tried removing both of those, but I am still getting the errors.
    Help! Any pointers on what I did wrong or how to get rid of the page fault errors would be appreciated!
  3. Try swapping your SDRAM - My understanding is Paging Faults are usually indicate a problem with accessing memory locations.
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