Need Help! Clean Win7 Ultimate install; problems! At wit's end!!!

This is rather involved so please bare with me.

I put a desktop together from scratch:

asus p6t mobo
intel i7 920
12 gigs patriot ddr3 ram
nvidia gtx 295 red edition video card
Vista 32bit home premium (more on that later...)

First I had issues with my whole system randomly freezing (hard freeze, sound interrupted, curse/pointer frozen, caps lock button on keyboard not turning on or off when button pressed, etc... you get the point). I tried to find a solution, with no luck. So I just got Win7 (64bit since i have 12 gigs ram). Now my computer decides to keep freezing while trying to install. Long story short I cant roll back to my old Vista because I formatted the harddrive. I keep reseting my system trying to install "custom" win7 64 (since i basically have no OS now) and it keeps freezing at varying stages of install (but always early on). I'm freaking out. I wasted so much money on this so far it's ridiculous. Whatam I doing/what did I do wrong?! HELP!

-desperate in nj!

lol and thank you in advance :)

EDIT: OMG so frustrating! just now it got to 64% unpacking or whatever it's called (right before the "installing feature" line) before it hard froze! IF IF IF Win7 64bit can solve my issues, my damn computer won'y seem to stay stable long enough to allow it to completely install!
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  1. What power supply? This looks like an easy one...

    Are you doing a clean install or upgrade?

    Are you trying to upgrade 32bit vista to 64 bit 7?
  2. uhhh,,, i think you missed a lot of what i said... but anyway i finally got win7 64 to install, now i have 64bit win7 system that is having the same problems my 32bit vista system did lol...
  3. So it was a clean install. What is this "custom" windows 7"?

    What PSU.
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