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HD and CD drive sharing an IDE - any problems??

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April 16, 2002 11:59:48 PM

are there any performance issues? obviously ide0 would have the system hd [as master], and [in my case a dvd] as slave.
ide1 would have a burner and my data hd.
the dvd will not function on my board if not on ide0 - unless i decrease cpu fsb from 133 to 100.
not an ideal situation probably, but what would be the better one? fsb speed or ide sharing?
April 17, 2002 12:17:51 AM

I usually don't recommend this config - but knowing you're using a 106S (UDMA-66) it shouldn't be a problem. It used to be that the CD-ROM would slow the whole channel down to its access speeds, but this problem seems to have been compensated for with UDMA/ATA-66/100/133

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April 19, 2002 5:26:58 AM

ideally if your doing to do alot of data transfer between the drives in question then it may be better to have them on different channels.

however if its a ata33 or 66 drive and you keep the hard drive optimised well there shouldnt be too many problems.

i know i often do on the fly disk copies between my two optical drives on the same channel without any issues
(ata66 pioneer 106 dvd -> ata ricoh 12x burner)

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