How do I boost the wireless internet signal from my westell 7500?

I have my Westell model 7500 in the barn office. I need the wireless internet in the apartment that was built in the front of the barn. The living room, where I need the signal for Roku, Kindle, and laptop, is approximately 60 to 70 feet from the modem. For awhile I had a low signal strength and I could use the internet but now it is nonexistent in the apartment. The Westell was provided by my internet supplier. How do I boost the signal so that I can get it in my apartment?

Thanks, K
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  1. You can't really boost the signal strength, but you can look for sources of radio interference that are impacting your reception: other networks, wireless phones, wireless speakers and headphones, microwaves. You can also try different radio channels on the Westell.

    If you want a really good signal, however, an access point would work well. To do that you would have to run a CAT5e cable from an LAN port on the Westell to an LAN port on another wireless router down near the living room and configure it as an access point, which is simple to do.

    If you can't run a CAT5e cable you could try a pair of powerline adapters to get the signal to a wireless router near the living room configured as an AP.
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