Connectivity Issues through a Cable alternative box.

Hello. I'm writing in regards of some issues my house has been having with internet connection problems. A family member had purchased our grandparents a TVPad, a internet based streaming box, that allows them to use our bandwidth to stream Chinese shows/movies.

Lately it's been lagging profusely despite our 30mb/s speeds. With the box turned off, we're flawless. With the box on, it's lagging.

The videos it streams is at usually around 300kb/s, but I can't seem to figure out why we're lagging this bad with it on.

Can anyone help?
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  1. It's probably chewing up a lot of bandwidth, although at 300KB/s that's only 3 Mbps out of your supposed 30Mbps. Is the video lagging, or the internet itself when streaming TV?
  2. The video is pretty unreliable as well. It's lagging/choppy in between. Needs lots of time buffering. The internet is lagging all around.
  3. If you have Cable internet, you can thank your neighbors for that.
  4. I've got cable, yeah, but it's passworded.

    The connection isn't bad without the box, though. They tell me that it's still going to have an effect on the connection if the people around me are also cable users, but nothing noticeable.
  5. Being passworded doesn't help since it's a shared connection with the neighborhood (just the nature of the system). So it only lags with the box connected?
  6. Yes. I called support and they said maybe it's running something in the background, but regardless, shouldn't that not have this a noticeable effect on what we're doing?

    I don't know how to configure it since it's all in a different language.
  7. That's strange...I don't know what kind of issue it's having. Maybe it's downloading multiple things at once, and chewing up a lot of bandwidth.
  8. Apparently I can't even limit the bandwidth the box uses unless I buy a 3rd party router.
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