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I am moving to a new office and i am setting up a new network. New office is wired with cat 5. Two jacks per office. I am having comcast install cable high speed internet. I have 4 PCs, 4 voip phones, 3 wireless printers and a network printer. I have old server running server 2003 that has my quickbooks files and some shared files.
Currently i am using a buffalo router but i was thinking of upgrading to a business class router if needed.
My question would be can someone suggest what i should get equipment wise?
I am thinking that i am going to run the voip phones separately from the PC s.

Any suggestions would be appreciated? Let me know what other info you might need.
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  1. Need more information, how many offices? Do the phones have Ethernet ports built into them for the PC's, what are you using for a PBX for the VoIP phones?

    The IP phones you don't need to isolate physically, you can just put them on their own VLAN.

    Do you currently have a firewall? If not I can suggest one that will double as a router as well. Also, what speed are you subscribing to for cable, because that will effect the recommendation as well.
  2. Hello sk
    We have 4 offices. 10 jacks.
    The phones Aastra 6757i have an ethernet port but it looks like the PC port speed is 10mb so that is why i was going to run a separate cable. The system we use for the pbx is ringcentral.
    I am getting 20 mb download speed cable internet. I can get higher.
    I was looking at the cisco rv016 but that looks like it may be overkill for my senario.
    All we are using the server for is a file server for the qb file and datasheets etc. it is 9 years old Dell optiplex. It has MS server 2003 op sys. I would love to speed up the qb file access speed.
    I do not have a firewall. Currently i have cable modem, and buffalo dd-wrt router and a 8 port linksys switch. I was going to connect the Buffalo router in the office and use as wireless connection for visting sales guys. The telecommunications room is too far away to have the wireless in there.

    Thanks for your help
  3. So for a total of 10 jacks you will want a 12 port switch, managed, possibly with PoE for the phone so you won't need AC adapters.

    Here's what I suggest getting:



    Access Point:


    PoE (If you can afford it)



    You can add this with either switch above just for the phones if you want:

    In case the Optiplex server does not have Gigabit connectivity, you can add this to it for some additional speed:
  4. Thank so much. I will take a look at these and let you know if I have any questions. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  5. No problem, any time. If you have questions feel free to ask.
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