Blue Screen of Death

Hi! I can't seem to boot past this BSOD:

"A fatal exception OD has occured at 2017:00000316. The current application will be terminated.
*Press any key to terminate the current application.
*Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart..."

Pressing "any key" doesn't do anything, but Ctrl+Alt+Del does reboot my machine and it will then go to the Safe Mode selector screen. Any info on what the error code means would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, matt
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  1. What do you have in your computer?
    Did this just happen all of the sudden or did you do something to the computer? i.e. install some hardware or software?
    Are you overclocking? If so, increase the voltage. If this doesn't help, try running it at normal speed.

    Those error messages don't really mean anything to anybody as far as I know of. I have never known of anyone who knows what they mean or even how to find out what they mean. So just the error itself will not help us help you.
  2. Thanks, Bubba:
    Here's my System Specs -
    * AMD K6-2/300, 96 mb ram (i'll have to ask him about the board)
    * WD 8 gig drive (primary master)
    * Matshita LS-120/Superdisk internal (primary slave)
    * 5.25" floppy (drive B)
    * WD 1 gig drive (secondary master)
    * Creative 52x CD-ROM (secondary slave)
    * Practical Peripherals 56K Flex modem (ISA)
    * Sound Blaster compatible soundcard (PCI i think)
    * Internal ISA SCSI controller card for Umax Scanner
    * Intergraph Voodoo Rush 2d/3d video card (PCI)
    * Microsoft laser mouse (USB) connected to PS/2 port using adapter
    * USB enabled (recently) and working fine
    Here's some background. We enabled the USB ports thru the BIOS several weeks ago and they were picked up by Win98-2nd Ed. just fine. This is my father's PC and he claims that the only recent change/addition to his system was installing some software for his new Panasonic Digital Camera to enable it to transfer pics via USB (This was the first thing we uninstalled thru Add/Remove in Safe Mode to try to get past the BSOD). He remembers viewing an unsolicited suspicious email, but it had no attachment. Also, he remembers accidentally powering off the PC when it was in the process of shutting down. That's it for the white elephants.

    No overclocking going on (K6-300, w/96 megs of ram)

    Here's some steps taken already (not in this order):
    - Checked seating of all cards, ribbons and ram
    - Reinstall Win98 2nd Ed. from Command Prompt
    - Disconnected & removed UMAX SCSI Scanner from Device Mgr. (uses an internal ISA SCSI card)
    - Disconnected & removed 5.25" Floppy from Device Mgr.
    - Disconnected & removed LS120/SuperDisk 3.5" Internal Floppy from Device Mgr.
    - Replaced old 12x CD-ROM (it had occasional read problems) with new Creative 52x CD-ROM drive
    - Ran Step-By-Step startup, and crash seems to occur after "msmouse.vxd" is loaded, and if you choose "N" for the driver.
    - Ran complete ScanDisk from Safe Mode (no errors found)
    - Turned on BIOS Boot Virus Checker and it appears to detect a virus just before loading Windows
    - Ran "complete" McAfee VirusScan from Safe Mode (nothing found)
    - Connected HD in question (8 gig) to another desktop PC and got same BSOD.

    Sorry for the long message. I will try to fill in any blanks at your request.

    Thanks again,
  3. A fatal OE means a software program crashed..
    Fatal OD means the a Hardware device failed to respond properly.

    If you put the HDD in a different computer and are still getting the same messages then I would try downloading a diag program from the MANU....

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