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Does anyone have any experiance with various online stores generic cartridges and the C82? My experiance is limited to Genuine epson(which works great - big suprise - lol) and some CHEAP cartriges I tried from that totally blocked up my printhead and forced me to do an exchange with Epson on the printer. I have used on earlier epson models ink from with good success, but after a while they also started to clog up the printhead. I'm worried that with the C82 and it's exceptionally fine dpi printhead it could clog up much faster than my earlier Stylus Color 400 and 440. I have seen numerous sites selling generic ink, and I do believe that epson's prices are a little high. Has anyone ever used for ink? They say they are 100% gaurentee, but I doubt they would replace a printer that their ink hoplessly clogged the printhead on. They also claim to use the same ink that epson does - I don't believe this, at least with catalogue 800 there was a noticible difference in the black color... being much more gray than epsons excellent black. I'm mostly looking for recommendations for generic or 3rd party ink that people have used in an epson C80/82(AFAIK they are virtually the same printer) that gave good results... the black can even look somewhat faded compared to epsons. Mainly I just don't want to worry about hopelessly clogging the printhead again. If there are no good alternatives to epson brand ink - does anyone know where I could get it online at some discount at all?


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  1. I had been using PrintPal to get cheaper ink cartridges for my Epson, but I spent most of the cartridges cleaning the printheads. I just switched over to and I really like their stuff so far. I cleaned the printheads once and had no trouble since. Colors look really good, too. You have to buy them in packs of three, but I go through ink fast enough that it's ok. You still pay less for the three than you do for one Epson.
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