Internet dropping for one or two connections in the house

Randomly the internet connection for either my, my son's , or my husband's pc drops. This also can happen with the X-box. The router lights indicate it is working and the rest of the connections will be fine just randomly any one of ours will fail until we reset the router. Two of the pc's are wired, one is on a plug (devlo) and the xbox is wireless. I phoned BT, our isp, who sent an engineer out. It turned out the BT rep told the engineer I had reported no dial tone on my phone line and if I had allowed them to investgate this fictitious fault it would have cost me £150 for a call out. They then suggested the router may be faulty but insist I renew my contract before they will help to see if they can get my service working properly. Any ideas?
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  1. Are you on BT DSL or FTTH? Also, do you have that stupid BT Home Hub as your router?
  2. DSL and the home hub 2.0. I had problems not many months ago so it has been replaced already. I had round 4 on the phone with them today with one representative declaring proudly he was 'legally' able to state that BT provide the best router of any isp. It is just not the home hub. Not sure where he was going with that statement, he hung up on me soon after.
  3. I hate BT, but beyond that I have to say that it sounds like a router issue. Do you have a modem besides the home hub or is that it, because it sounds like the Home Hub is the issue, rather than the line itself.
  4. Yes it is beginning to look that way, I think a change of ISP is in order.
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